Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kiss And Tell

At dinner the other night, the subject of boys came up somehow... So we were teasing, uh, I mean, asking Halle if she ever kissed a boy. She got this mortified look on her face and quickly screeched, "What!!! NO WAY!!!". So, I proceed to offer her a deal, that if she didn't kiss a boy before she turned 16, that we would buy her a car. (One of my Visiting Teaching sisters made a similar deal with her oldest-now 15-and it's worked so far!) Halle immediately accepted and went back to eating. Mike and I exchanged a look, cuz as boy-crazy as Halle is, we'll be lucky if she makes it out of this school year. Then, Kiah piped in with, "I don't need car, I kiss boys". Looks like we've been worrying about the wrong girl! ;)

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Bouchard Family said...

OK that is too funny. What is with our almost 3 year olds. JC has kissed Saie on the cheeck, last Friday night at a baseball game I looked over to see him talking with this other 3 year old and she kissed him smack on the mouth- I don't think he liked it cause he sat on my lap the rest of the night. We are headed to Savannah to see Amy and the family fr Easter and we decided to take JC and Sadie to see HOP, it will be a tripple date. So JC is all excited and says to me the other day that he wants to buy Sadie popcorn and he is going to kiss her...might have to keep a close eye on them in the dark theater. LOL Good luck with the no kissing rule- that no dating for you until your 18 rule worked well for your parents.